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The Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee is a student governance unit consists of eight student leaders including two from the Resident Tutor, three from the House Association and three from the Resident Assistant. One academic staff from MLC will assign as an advisor for the Committee. The appointment period is for one academic year appointed by the College Master of MLC.


The Point System

The Points System was designed in order to provide clarity for residents on how the College will respond to alleged violations of the College policy. This system could be used by the College as one of the selective criteria for choosing College’s student leader, awarding studentships, and/or allocating room for upper class students.

Under the point system, when a resident found responsible for violations of the College policy such as etiquette code of conduct, points are assigned at the conclusion of the judicial procedures under the Disciplinary Committee. Points are cumulative in every academic year and if a resident accumulates:

  • 3 points, student will receive a written warning and/or copy to the Dean of Students for record.
  • 5 points, the resident’s parent(s) or guardian will notify of the infraction(s). The resident will place on a status of disciplinary probation under the care of the Associate Master of MLC.
  • 10 or more points, resident will determine by the College Master of MLC.


Committee Members in AY2017/18

Chairman: Mr. Weng Wa HO

Secretary: Miss Tong-Xin XIANG

Executive: Miss Chen-Ge LYU, Miss Ya-Ting TANG, Miss Jun-Yi YAO, Mr Chi Kit CHEONG, Mr. Lai Meng KUOK, Mr. Rui-Dong HOU

Advisor: Dr. M.F. CHAN